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Biogas: More Than Just Manure and Food Waste

Updated: Jan 10

The biogas industry is so much more than just cow 💩 and rotten fruit!! It's a valuable and sustainable power source 💪

When you have biogas plants converting organic waste into biogas, one of the by-products is carbon dioxide (CO2). So, what can you do with CO2? You convert it into methane and take renewable energy to the next level 💫

How? Through the use of excess power that is unable to be stored, hydrogen is created through water electrolysis. Biogasclean A/S has mastered this process by taking the hydrogen and combining it with CO2 to create methane ♻️

The newly created methane can then be injected into the natural gas grid and used as green fuel for ships, planes, and long-haul trucks (looking at you Supply Chain...) 📦

Jesper Hørlyk-Jensen with Biogasclean A/S explains things further in this short, helpful video 👍

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