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Top 5 Fears I Had to Overcome When Deciding to Freelance as a Copywriter

If procrastination is the thief of time, I'd have to rank overthinking as the antithesis of action...

  1. What if I’m not qualified enough?

  2. What if this doesn't work?

  3. What if I make a mistake?

  4. What if I get rejected?

  5. What will other people think?

If you're thinking the same thoughts, here's what I tell myself:

  1. Highly unlikely. Think about your past experiences, your current ability and the potential you're about to unleash. The information you need is out there - always be learning 📖

  2. Keep the day job while you build this up on the side. You'll know when it's time to go all in. Use your frustration as fuel to keep pushing ⛽️

  3. Mistakes are part of being alive. Take ownership, fix it if you can, learn and move on 🔨

  4. Same as above. Rejection happens. Repeat after me, "I am free of the fear of rejection." Repeat to self as needed 🪞

  5. It doesn’t matter. There are approximately 950 million profiles on LinkedIn - you won't stand out that quickly. Unless you're #SnoopDogg In the 1% actively engaging? Sweet, you now have a tight knit group of nearly 10 million people to hang with 🙋

What other thoughts give you analysis paralysis?

I'm happy to help based off my experience.

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